Zoned Cubic Fluorite Cluster

An imposing formation of purple-tipped translucent green Fluorite.

Mineral: Fluorite (cubic, green with purple zoning).
– Field of View: 5 cm (appr.)
– Found: Namibia (Okoruso Mine)
Photo: Leo Jahaan


Cubic green Fluorite with purple zoned tips all around.

Description: Cubic green Fluorite with purple zoning around the edges.
– Specimen Size: 9.5 x 6.5 x 3 cm (appr.)
Photo: Leo Jahaan


Rich green Fluorite with purple zoning.

Description: Zoned Fluorite (detail view).
– Field of View: 3.5 cm (appr.)
Photo: Leo Jahaan


Backlit translucent cubic Fluorite.

Description: Green Fluorite with purple tips.
– Field of View: 4 cm (appr.)
Photo: Leo Jahaan