Rhodochrosite Stalactite Cluster

Backlit Rhodochrosite stalactite slice with bright pink rings.

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Mineral: Rhodochrosite (stalactites, cluster, slice).
– Field of View: 6 cm (appr.)
– Found: Argentina (Santa Rita Mine)
Photo: Leo Jahaan


Large slice of Rhodochrosite stalactites.

Description: Cluster of Rhodochrosite stalactites (slice).
– Specimen Size: 13.5 x 6.5 x 1 cm (appr.)
Photo: Leo Jahaan


Macro shot of interesting worm-like Rhodochrosite crystals formed on the stalactite walls.

Description: Detailed view of cavity within the slice, showing Rhodochrosite ‘worms’.
– Field of View: 2.5 cm (appr.)
Photo: Leo Jahaan


Macro shot of Rhodochrosite stalactite rings.

Description: Rhodochrosite stalactite (detail view).
– Field of View: 2 cm (appr.)
Photo: Leo Jahaan