Realgar in Selenite

A jumble of radiating Realgar crystals within clear Gypsum.

Minerals: Realgar, Selenite (clear Gypsum).
– Field of View: 3 cm (appr.)
– Found: Peru (Palomo Mine)
Photo: Leo Jahaan


Selenite window with Realgar inside.

Decription: Selenite ‘window’ allowing viewing of the Realgar needles within. On the upper surface, Realgar has altered to orange Orpiment.
– Field of View: 3.5 cm (appr.)
Photo: Leo Jahaan


Macro shot of Realgar crystals within Selenite.

Decription: More detailed view of the above Selenite ‘window’. Notice the unusual bed of micro Realgar crystals in the lower-right.
– Field of View: 2 cm (appr.)
Photo: Leo Jahaan


Realgar in Selenite.

Description: One particular Realgar crystal rises prominently upwards inside it’s Selenite host.
– Field of View: 1.5 cm (appr.)
Photo: Leo Jahaan