Painting: “Kuku-Oba”

“Kuku-Oba” by Leo Jahaan.
Oil on canvas, 2014.
100 cm x 70 cm.

Oil on Canvas - 2014 - 100cm x 70cm

“Kuku-Oba”.  In the Asiatic Russian region exists a peninsular known as Taman, bordering the Sea of Azov.  This region experiences unusual geological activity, specifically mud volcanoes that have continually shaped and re-shaped the landscape over the past centuries.  These volcanoes create large mud islands, such as the one pictured, which often only exist for a short time before receding back into the sea.  In ancient times the local population made offerings of pottery and valuables to these volcanoes.  On one occasion in 1794 the locals recorded the eruption of a large mud volcano which they named ‘Kuku-Oba’ (‘Blue Hill’) which supposedly ejected both flames and ‘frozen earth’.