Painting: “Cheddar Too”

“Cheddar Too” by Leo Jahaan.
Oil on canvas, 2014.
100 cm x 120 cm.

Oil on Canvas - 2014 - 100cm x 120cm

Oil on Canvas - 2014 - 100cm x 100cm


The two paintings “Cheddar One” & “Cheddar Too” depict floor plans with suggestions for creating well-arranged Cheddar cheese factories.  Leo has long had an interest in creating painted versions of floor plans and so was particularly inspired when discovering these designs published in 1918 by Charles Thom, a self-proclaimed ‘Investigator in Cheese’.  Leo imagines a potential post-apocalyptic far-future event in which the internet and all forms of paper are destroyed, yet canvas is left unharmed – therefore these paintings may exist as the only means for allowing future generations to enjoy Cheddar.